Chain Pizza Restaurants

Seems @xylo and others have an issue with Zizzi. Not sure why. To my mind they’re definitely way better than Pizza Express, Strada and Pizza Hut, although they’ve lost a little for me since they stopped doing that long veggie pizza that was half roasted aubergine with pesto and half creamy potatoes.

Up until yesterday I would have said that Pizza Hut is the only bad chain pizza restaurant. But it’s not. Bad, I mean. So I don’t think there are any bad chain pizza restaurants. They’re all at least OK.

Because it’s shit, Theo.

Well, actually, it’s not shit, it’s just beige in restaurant form.

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Pizza express is the worst one, the rest are at least good.

Some days you just want a chain pizza restaurant because other places are a nightmare with the kids, amongst other things.

What’s your ranking of the chain pizza restaurants? Or are you just too good for them all.

I’ve had some very nice meals from all of them.


don’t think I’ve ever been to Zizzi

Not been for a while (now Brighton suddenly has loads of good Pizza places) - but Pizza Express is absolutely “fine”

I’m lactose intolerant, but yes.

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If you live in any half decent city you’ll never have a reason to visit any of the chain places.


Can’t remember the last time I went to a chain pizza place that wasn’t a Franco Manca’s.

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yep - love a VIP

but NuPosto, Pizza500 and Fatto are all v good too

What if Nandos did pizza

They’re nice. I’m not sure if I rate them above Zizzi.

39 restaurants now and counting. The benefits of being taken over by a large corporation.

Haven’t been to FM for years, obviously.


Not having that. Pizza hut is the worst by a long, long way.

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Strada is definitely the best out of those in the OP

Pizza Hut is really quite shit. Went a while back expecting to revel in the nostalgia, and it was awful, the pizza is like eating a greasy door mat, and the salad bar is a grim procession of dried up green matter. No adult could possibly be happy with a Pizza Hut meal.


Don’t care, no one should, get a grip.


Ice cream factory though…