Chain Restaurants (Polls)


Quite like 'em

Pizza Express:

  • Oh aye
  • Oh no

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Turtle Bay

  • Good
  • Bad

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wtf is a Turtle Bay?


really looking forward to this thread


crap carribean restaurant


Chain restaurants in generic, sweeping terms

  • Good
  • Snob option

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  • Baked potatoes are awful
  • I love baked potatoes because I’m a very silly person

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  • Perfectly fine
  • Nandoh’s!

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Its defo not crap


I’ve never been to a Nandos.


Experience is generally much better. Food is consistently good, things like unlimited coke machine refills are a thing, good portions, probably a higher standard of cleanliness in the kitchens etc.


“You know what you’re getting don’t you”



  • Salad bar, farm/country themed decor, surf ‘n’ turf, what’s not to like?
  • Tory option

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byron burgers

  • £10 burger? bargain!
  • £10 burger? gtfo

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weirdly don’t really like mega chain burger places. Better burgers at the smaller places, plus you still ‘know what you’re getting’.


don’t think I’ve ever been to one tbh


5 guys

  • Yeah fair play it’s really good.
  • Never been

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Pizza Hut

  • Wow! I just love these mediocre pizzas!
  • Fucking salad bar?? Also, you haven’t washed my cutlery properly.

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Was in a Harvester for the first time in years on Saturday actually, very nice bbq chicken burger thing


godspeed YO! Sushi

  • yummy
  • runny bummy

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