Challenge *DiS User*!

I challenge @grievoustim to find the cheapest radiator caps (delivered) on the entire internet!

(please create your own challenges for other users or keep challenging grevioustim if you like)


weird - I was looking a towel rail radiators earlier todayfor my bathroom - and they don’t seem to come with caps

they all seem pretty cheap TBH

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I challenge @anon29812515 to do this.


The last time we did something like this I challenged @ericVI to drink a cup of tea. I’m not sure I’m very good at challenging people.


still waiting for @zxcvbnm2 to do this tbh

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Yeah, I’m sitting behind you.

Does this include p&p? Bit half-arsed this but thanks I suppose.

I tried checking out to see the postage situation - but it wants me to sign in.

I’m not doing that

TBH - for stuff like this I would just go to B&Q - it’s just down the road (you know this cos you seem to be in my flat)

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Oh no, you can’t challenge me. Sorry, that is a forfeit. Please cut off two of your toes (@fitzcarraldo to choose which ones).

A photo of him with @epimer ?

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After I cut off one, they’ll start calling me Ma0 Camera because I’ll only have four toes*!

*only works when said in Welsh accent

don’t @ me

I’ve seen a couple of Hinterland episodes recently. Long, aren’t they?

Never heard of it before this post. Didn’t realise ess pedwar ecc had expanded into gritty drama territory.

They need to make them shorter as my wife always falls asleep half hour before the end and then I have to explain whodunnit.

Just watch it at double speed

Maybe set it in London as Aber is too sparsely populated and a lot of it is him just driving his Volvo about.

Yeah, a crime drama based in Aber would surely be lots of dealing with drunk people.

The irony of a crime drama in Aber is that there IS no crime in Aber.

Yeah, is the show a bit like Death In Paradise then?

My sister went to Uni there for three weeks, dropped out and then came home with three big paper bags of shrooms.