Challenge *DiS User*!

I challenge @marckee

to tell me if I need planning permission to convert the back of my bathroom into a utility room / storage area.

It involves moving the toilet but no extensions or anything like that

Planning permission: no.
Building regs: strictly speaking, yes

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There’s a fucking huge smack problem there especially amongst locals, there’s just no police to speak of

Agreed though it does get sparse quickly, I had several exams in a campus that involved an 80 minute countryside walk to get there.

hmmm ok - thanks. Good heads up

Would it have taken less time without all the shrooms?

Are you balonz’s sister?

i challenge @marckee to like his favourite post of the day before 5pm


I challenge all of DiS to post something worthy of this accolade.

I challenge all to @epimer as much as possible

I hate this


Epimer? Aye.



I challenge anyone to find me a nice modern vanity sink unit that is 500mm wide.


Wasn’t that by At The Drive-In?


both big toes please

This is the short projection, semi-recessed one we have in our shower room:

And this is the wall-mounted one we have in our bathroom:

Nice choice


Nice…but not quite what I’m after.

I challenge you marckee to tell me if I am to get a countertop wash basin, can I just put that on any old chunk of wood? All the proper wooden plain countertops i’ve seen are 600mm.

600mm wide, or 600mm deep?

EDIT: You mean a basin that just sits on top of the worktop, not one that is semi-recessed, recessed or undermounted?