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Yeah I want just a basin that sits on a worktop. This one is the one I want.
But where do I get a counter for it to sit on? Do I just get any old bit of wood?

When not cleaning your stinky pits in it you could make a casserole:


wtf does your casserole dish look like

Mine are all Le Creuset but I was thinking of you.

Mine is Denby

Jokes on you to be spending all your time someplace where the posting is so shit :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

You should get one that is moisture resistant. You’ll have to core holes through it for the waste and the taps, so you don’t want it to balloon up if it gets damp.

Most sanitaryware suppliers will make coated moisture-resistant worktops in different finishes that you can cut to size if they are up against a wall eg

If it’s not up against a wall then you may want to look at solid surface (eg hi-macs - Materials | HIMACS), or maybe a thick (eg 18mm) marine-grade birch ply wood.

Getting close to decision time…

6mins to go! Exciting!!

:astonished: !



Congrats japesy

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feel like it’s a very subtle doing by marckee tbh

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Can coat an offcut of a wooden kitchen worktop or something with this stuff:

have it on our kitchen worktop and water just beads on it

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