Challengers (aka The Sexy Tennis Film)

It is out now! Use this thread to chat about it and maybe talk about your plans for seeing it etc etc


Posting in the right thread this time!


I can see it in Leeds OR Bradford

  • Leeds
  • Bradford
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Bradford, for Shrewbs

Who’s gonna win?

  • Josh O’Connor
  • Mike Faist
  • That’s not how this film is gonna work
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This’ll be good I expect

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The Bradford Boys making all the noise


Did you guys see that Zendaya was at the tennis?

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I’m assuming Bradford is at the museum so it gets my vote

Serving looks and serving… balls


That is not a Mubi Go affiliated cinema, it is somewhere called The Light in the “new” shopping centre, which I’ve never been before.

The shopping centre building work was postponed for ages so was a nice garden, when they started worked again it added a good 2 mins on to my walk to work from the station

I hope I really like this but unfortunately I haven’t liked any other Luca Guadagnino film I’ve seen but I like sexy tennis more than other things so we’ll see

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@shrewbie trying to find the little video where James Hanson is drunk and gets on some Bradford fans mini bus and starts singing with them, you know what I mean?

That was Darbs

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Thank you!


— Dan Maskell

I’m going to see this at the odeon


Excellent idea

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looks far too sexy for me I’m afraid, so I’ll have to sit this one out.


What is your upper limit for sexiness in a film?