Challengers (aka The Sexy Tennis Film)

Im waiting for it to be released across 100 game boy advance video cartridges like that mad lad made with Morbius

Watching this now. Really boring


You’ve gone into a screening of dune (2024) by accident


Probably still the same showing from 3 days ago! Its a long film!

Had initially ignored this as had no interest in watching a ‘tennis’ film but relented and went to see it last night. Absolutely bloody loved it - so flashy, ridiculous and OTT in your face. Soundtrack is an absolute BANGER too.

Might go see it again :tennis:



Back from holiday and a free evening to watch this :white_check_mark:

No London cinemas on my route home showing this at a convenient time :negative_squared_cross_mark:

Final showing of the film at TW Odeon this evening :white_check_mark:

TW Odeon is on an industrial estate and buses stop at 10. Tickets start at £14.49 on a weeknight evening, lol :negative_squared_cross_mark:

Discounted tickets through work, down to a tenner :white_check_mark:

Got some Cherry Garcia, my all time favourite food :white_check_mark:

They didnt turn the lights off in the cinema wtf?? :negative_squared_cross_mark:

Thought the film was quite shit. Hated the music :negative_squared_cross_mark:

Taxi home cost £8.60 for a five minute journey (that or walking in the dark alone for 45 mins v late at night… nah thanks) :negative_squared_cross_mark:

Giving up on films again for a while. I love Tunbridge Wells but the cinema situation is dire and there are not many others in a 20 mile radius :frowning:

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Yeah this totally distracted me for the first 15 minutes.

Think this was the single silliest film I’ve ever seen



Finally watched this and absolutely loved it!!!

Thoroughly enjoyed all the changing shots during the tennis parts. Now we’re the ball - weeee! Now we’re the floor - ooh!!

Just a very silly and fun and entertaining film. I was hooked as I simply had to know what went down between the sexy trio to cause all that tension!



Him and John Mulaney are the same guy doing a different voice

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Great posting

surely there’s some way to put his musical theatre talents and 1940s PI face together. surely?