🎷 Champions League of Music League 🎷

So page 112

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There are 35 lines on that page

@discobot roll 1d35

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:game_die: 7

Can wait to see what you all pick for the ‘the’ round

I hope it’s Abba or some other one word band you’re all stuck with!

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  1. Number
  2. Heaven
  3. Tears
  4. Goodnight
  5. Kisses

These are the 5 main words that standout on that line.

@discobot Roll 1d5

:game_die: 1

The theme for this one off round is number

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Credit where it’s due, Discobot, that’s a decent theme


Think I’ve got the winner…


So just a reminder

If you finish league 10 in the top 3 then you will be invited privately to join the champions league of music league
Also there will be a wildcard entrant selected (see round 9 of league 10 for details).

The champions league kicks off when league 10 finishes but I will post the playlist on this thread and I will add a poll for all the tracks so everyone can get involved. Whoever votes in the poll for the winning track will get a chance to pick rounds in league 11

The theme that was a randomly selected word is ‘Number’


Imagine if it was a line higher. You could’ve had doo-wop.

There will probably be 21 participants in the champions league of music league. How many points do you want to give out?

  • 5
  • 7
  • 10
  • 12

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@Brainfreeze rainfreeze I just want to make sure I have the round idea right - it just has to do with numbers, right? Like, I could theoretically submit 311? (I’m not going to do this).

Or does the song / artist have to specifically have “number(s)” in the title?

I think it can be interpreted in many ways like the song could have a number like 2 or the word two or could be like 2nd or twice in the title or whatever. It could be the word number in the title or the word fraction or balance or subtract or something related to numbers in that way. Hope this helps


So going through these top 3’s across each of the leagues it is noticeable that there are some repeat players in some of these top 3’s therefore I am handing out some invites to the players that finished in subsequent places where someone has already appeared in the top 3

Therefore I will be sending out invites as follows…

League 5

League 6

League 7

League 9


Champions league of music league starts in 3 weeks. It’s one round and the theme is ‘number’.


Ah fuck yeah this more than makes up for how poorly I’m doing in the current league :sweat_smile:


apologies if already asked but are we sticking to the spreadsheet of previously submitted songs for this one?

  • Ye
  • Naw

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REALLY looking forwards to this round. It’s going to be fun.


Do you mean we have to play songs that are on the spreadsheet?

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