🎷 Champions League of Music League 🎷

Ha no I mean the unwritten(?) rule of no repeats

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Oh, right, I’ll amend my vote then

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Sorry looking back that wasn’t very clear :smiley:

do these count

First, second, etc.

  • Ye
  • Ne

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Many, lots, loads etc.

  • Ye
  • Ne

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well that second poll has just scrapped my top choice for the round then, cheers

angry GIF

(the return of tinygif!)


Following my late entry into the Champions League of Music League, I would like to clarify that any sentiments I may previously appear to have β€˜liked’ along the lines of β€œwhat a sad little life.gif” or insinuating that participants of the aforementioned league were β€˜losers’ were made following wholly accidental contact with my smartphone, and do not reflect either my current or my past views on the matter.


Doesn’t seem very Champions League talk to me

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Thread title keeps making me think of this


Song submissions are now due on Monday. Thought I’d move this forward whilst we have a gap in the regular music league. Several of you still need to submit.


This reads like an email my boss might send me.


I think some of those people yet to submit are maybe struggling to find the link to the league

Am struggling with this, whether to play it as a normal round or go for something β€œextra” to respect the CL format

Also hard to resist checking who’s involved and adjusting my entry based on that

I sent them all invites privately


Hi guys. Just a reminder that this one round league kicks off on Monday so you need to submit a track if you are still interested.


Yep working on it!

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I also don’t seem to have a link. Please can you resend.

I don’t have a link either.

Coming into the Champions League fresh from bottom place and my worst ever score. Whatever the opposite of coming into the big league on a run of form is, I’m here


I’ve only managed to get into this league because my track was the 10th track in a β€˜Be the 9th track and you’re in’ rule.

Basically, if any of you so-called-champions end up placing lower than me then that you should hang your heads in shame!


Think my placing is from early 2021, so it’s only very vague memories of being a β€˜champion’ at this point.

Might just play Bucky Done Gun again and see what happens.