🎷 Champions League of Music League 🎷

I don’t have one.


Is that related to ‘number’?

Apologies if I missed it, but is it the regular 6 days to listen for this one?

You have until 5th April to vote

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I will submit a track on time, got the link.

Torn between two options currently.

Thanks for the reminder. I’m in, but currently have no inspiration regarding what to play.

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Too many choices for this, 10 song shortlist at least

Can I just check there are no extra rules for this other than the round theme (Numbers) and no repeats?

What even is Number?

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That’s it.

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I guess that as usual we’ll find out all the extra rules in the thread once the playlist goes live.

I’ll only be awarding points to integers etc.


My track contains irrational numbers so actually it’s the only logical way.

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Math rock only for me.

Also, just submitted. This’ll be fun.

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Where can I find the spreadsheet that lists all the selections from previous rounds?


@Marwood - this is your hard work, right? we are indebted!


Yeah, I have been maintaining the doc. Thanks.


I have a feeling I’m going to perform very poorly in this first round

As long as you make it up in the following rounds :wink:

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Three hours to the deadline, looks like it’s just @daggers now.

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