Championship Manager 01/02 (rolling)

Notice a few people have started playing this again due to…stuff, and things.

Looking for tactics tips, good players to scout, stories of successes and failures, etc, etc.

Might get a Division 3 to Prem Champions challenge going if there’s any interest…?

Great game. (Haven’t played for years and was never very good at it but still)


Yeah I was always shit at it. Used to download ‘unbeatable’ tactics, buy maxim tsigalko and all the other cheat players and still lose every match because their goalie got 9 and MOTM.

10/10 might play again.

Mark Kerr! Julius Agahowa! Kim Kallstrom! Some other Swedes who turn out to be strangely good!

I’ve got a Wolves save game with a team almost entirely built of Scandinavians.

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kennedy bakircioglu was my star player.

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It’s a bit harder than i remember it being.

First three saves i got sacked as City manager, guided United to 6th, and finished 17th with Macc Town.

Did big John Tosh take over at United after you?

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5-3-2 attacking, always and forever

4-1-3-2 mate come on

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No idea if it was Champ Man 01/02 or a different year, but we invented our own system that was somehow pretty much unbeatable. You essentially dispensed with all wide players, put all your cash into buying the best CDs, CMs & CFs available and then lined them up in a 3-3-3 with an optional DM or AM depending on how attacking you wanted/needed to be. Ideally you’d have one or two Paul Warhurst types who could play almost anywhere in the system so you could make the most effective use of your subs too (was really annoying if you ever had to sub on a lone wide player).

Not really sure why we tried it, probably just necessity at first, but we were regularly putting 8, 9 or 10 past teams, especially in the lower divisions. It always seemed to have diminishing returns after two or three seasons for some reason, but until then you could pretty much put your feet up and watch your team smash all-comers. Never worked in any other versions.

I think that version had some kind of exploit in the match engine where central players were much more effective than wide players, so that kind of formation and that kind of success makes sense. I usually used a 4-1-2-1-2 in a diamond, so apart from the full backs no wide players, and it was good

always used to like signing David Prutton on this or possibly the previous version for his versatility - could pretty much play anywhere in defence or midfield. same for a Greek player I forget the name of.

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You can get all you need on this site to download it legitimately etc.

Some crazy people are even updating the data files to include 19-20 players (some of whom we’re even born when the game came out)

I was playing it a lot last year on the Mac (using PlayOnMac) but upgrading the OS made that stop working. Probably just as well, can’t imagine how many hours I would have lost to it during lockdown.

4-3-1-2 is what I went for - essentially 4-3-3 but with an AM/FC in the hole. The likes of Cherno Samba used to score 40+ goals a season in there.

Speaking of whom…

Was also my go to :heart_eyes:

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Christ, he actually had a career then? I see he ended up at Ajax for a while before the inevitable return to the mighty Hammarby

They put out a January patch that got rid of fake player To Madeira and in turn seemingly inadvertently added about ten 15 year old Greek players with ridiculous stats that weren’t in the original game. Great stuff.



Ah so it wasn’t just a fluke on my game then?

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The 14 year old with 20 in influence.

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You just don’t see that old Flair 20, Heading 20 combo too often, do you?