Championship Manager 01/02 (rolling)

You can get all you need on this site to download it legitimately etc.

Some crazy people are even updating the data files to include 19-20 players (some of whom we’re even born when the game came out)

I was playing it a lot last year on the Mac (using PlayOnMac) but upgrading the OS made that stop working. Probably just as well, can’t imagine how many hours I would have lost to it during lockdown.

4-3-1-2 is what I went for - essentially 4-3-3 but with an AM/FC in the hole. The likes of Cherno Samba used to score 40+ goals a season in there.

Speaking of whom…

Was also my go to :heart_eyes:

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Christ, he actually had a career then? I see he ended up at Ajax for a while before the inevitable return to the mighty Hammarby

They put out a January patch that got rid of fake player To Madeira and in turn seemingly inadvertently added about ten 15 year old Greek players with ridiculous stats that weren’t in the original game. Great stuff.



Ah so it wasn’t just a fluke on my game then?

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The 14 year old with 20 in influence.

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You just don’t see that old Flair 20, Heading 20 combo too often, do you?

See, 4-1-3-2 and 4-2-3-1 don’t work for me.

I asked on a forum what the best formation is for good results. The concensus was that you shouldn’t use any wide players at all. Bin full-backs and wingers off and cram central areas, so, sort of a 3-1-3-1-2, or a 3-1-3-2-1.

Tried it, still lost

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I had a secret killer formation that ruled.
I think it was like a 2-2-2-2-2 formation
Two CBs
two wing backs
2 in the middle
2 in the hole/inside forwards
2 strikers.

With loads of weird runs cross crossing the pitch.

Absolutely kill it with that.

What sort of transfer strategy are you using? It was always a bit painful, but almost every successful game I had back then seemed to start with selling my team’s star player for say £5-6m and buying three players who were only a bit less good for £1.5-2m each and significantly strengthening the overall team. Transfers felt more important to success than tactics back then, especially pre-window.

I think DMC is the most important part in either of those formations, really. Anyone who is more of a creative playmaker doesn’t stand a chance. In my Huddersfield save whether I play Mendieta or Said there is pretty much the clearest indicator of whether I’m going to win or not.

My transfer strategy’s pretty consistant. Decide who i’m going to manage, edit the database so they have £150m, SCANDINAVIA.


I remember going in-depth on training and tactics etc but still losing, then watching my mate play it and he basically paid no attention to those things and was only interested in transfers and he had a lot of success

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The updated game has had the tactics tweaked so it’s not so easy. A bog standard 4231 should still work ok. If you edit individual positions you’ll have more success. Move your back line up and play an offside trap and if you are pressing you need to have players near the ball, so adjust that too.

Buy To Madeira. Bags 40 a season and is always easy to get. Signed him for Forest I think he had over 200 goals in his first five seasons.

Downloaded this the other day. Wish I hadn’t.

Started a game with Partick Thistle, got sacked the day before the last game of my first season, where a win would have kept us up. Unbelievable scenes.

Got a new job with fellow relegation to D2 twats Arbroath, lost 4-0 to Partick Thistle on the first game of the season. Really smarts.

Just threw a tantrum while 3-0 down to Brechin and put 10 players up front, clawed it back to 3-2.

Stupid fucking game.

If I recall, a really good challenge is to manage Partick and hang on to all their wonderkids. There was definitely one version of the game (01-02 I think, maybe 00-01) where nearly all their youth team were amazing. Admittedly not great at the start of the game when they’re just about potential and not all that good yet.

ah right. I’ve done a data patch with all the modern players and stuff. you obviously get much less depth of research with that.

Oh right. I wouldn’t fancy Partick Thistle much in this day and age then!

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