Champiss Supernova or possibly Wonderwazz

I would not be happy getting drenched in someone else’s pee. Not cool at all.

If you think that’s bad, wait until you find out what music they were having to listen to.

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Would probably expect this at a Liam Gallagher gig tbh

Wee is sterile so crack on.

Surely it’s more of a story (morning glory) if you DON’T get piss chucked on you at any Oasis-adjacent gig. Definitely (Maybe) happened to my sis-in-law - I was unsympathetic.

went to see oasis at murrayfield in 2000, there were folk pissing off the top tier of the stand on to the people below

thanks for listening!

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Mine is

That fella is a bit of a piss spotting expert

Not sure you need to be an expert to smell piss do you ?!

Of course but old Professor Slash Spot could tell that all the pints flying through the air were definitely full of piss.


anonymous poll (a sexy one)

  • pee on me
  • don’t pee on me

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also anon, also sexy

  • pee on partner
  • no, do not pee on partner

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accidently maybe. Once. Years ago. Oops.

Not anon tho

he’s mischevious. That’s why we had to ban him for 1000 years.

Not long enough imo

Pissed himself and made up a story, hasn’t he.

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tricking people to reveal information about their personal lives/sex lives that they might not be comfortable with should result in a ban/reprimand imo

he’s being a pwoppa naughty boy recently.