Change for the better

Change for the worse
Changes with summer and fall

What would you like changed?

I would like all scenes, chapters, whatever, changed where a character says they aren’t going to do something but you know they are going to do it (while being convinced etc) and you have to watch/read for ten minutes while they fight internal demons until they eventually do it. I would like that changed to a card or passage that reads ‘weren’t going to do it but now going to do it’.

On game shows when the host asks them if it’s their final answer, answers should be touch move your fucking shits


I would like to change the general perception of Travis Morrison’s debut solo album.

It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t awful, definitely not 0.0.

Yeah, that is of course the main one

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I think all food should be served pre cut up into bite sized pieces which can be eaten with a fork or cocktail stick, freeing up one hand for smart phone usage

That is pretty much what happens in most of Asia isn’t it? About time the rest of the world caught up.

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Although I guess there is quite a bit of bowl holding which negates the free hand.

Solution is a screen at the bottom of the bowl

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I would like it if people stopped doing that thing online where they post something good/interesting/useful, then write “you’re welcome”.

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what about where you DON’T see the convincing bit and it just cuts to them doing the thing.

“There is no WAY I am going into that haunted house”
“Can’t believe I’m doing this”

Yeah that is an even bigger time saver, meaning I could squeeze in more staring at the wall and scratching my arse.

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I think there was one in solo but I can’t remember it.

FAO @Balonz, I was once at some sort of literary evening where one of the Peep Show writers was reading from his latest book, and he was talking about the kind of thing you were, and said in a sitcom they call in a “bicycle cut”, after Terry and June - where Terry would say “You’d never get me on a bloody bicycle!”, then it immediately cuts to Terry on said bicycle, to humorous effect.

Based on what you said, I believe you want to see more bicycle cuts.

Apparently TV Tropes lists it as a Gilligan Cut:

EDIT: Shit, on that page bicycle joke is credited to Linehan:

  • In one commentary on Father Ted , Graham Linehan called this trope the “bicycle joke”, giving an example that begins with the line “You’ll never get me on that bicycle”.

Dougal: If you’re a solicitor, then I’m Boy George!
[cut to Dougal sitting in a crypt, rocking in a traumatized fashion]
Dougal: Karma karma karma karma chameleon…

Yeah I am up for those everywhere.

I was just reading that the author of the Timewaster Diaries/Letters (which are fucking great), Robert Popper was the producer of seasons 3 and 4 of Peep Show and also the writer of Friday Night Dinner.

how do you feel about the now common place trope of the comedy cut where a character says “there is no way we are going to x”
*cut to characters at x*

I believe it is called a ‘bicycle/gilligan cut’. I am fine with it if it cuts out the shite between.

who are you calling a bicycle cun… oh wait


More secret passageways in buildings. Basically if all buildings could be a bit more like things from the Famous Five that would be good.

You could go around constantly tapping on wall tiles or pulling books off shelves to see if something is to be revealed.

You might see some things you don’t want to see like maybe someone eating some shit?

I’ve walked around in blissful ignorance long enough, it’s time to see the world for what it is.