Change one member

Not like that (Thursday, etc.)

Just listening to Master of Puppets, and it’s still great. It’s got like 8 classic riffs in it, the transitions between sections are perfect, the solo magnificent.

Obviously Lars is shit though. A decent drummer on that track and whoooo-eeeee.

If you could change one member of a band, who would it be?

Michael Bublé to Ozzy

Morrissey to anyone else.


Bublé will be at a loose end now, get him involved

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Geoff Rickly for Daryl Palumbo


Anthony Keidis to literally anyone else.

Flea, John Frusciante, Chad Smith- all great musicians. As much as Keidis has been the machine that drove them to success, he’s such an unpleasant character that he completely drags down RHCP musically.

Maybe just have Frusciante singing instead. He’s got a lovely voice. Or go for Zach De La Rocha or somebody.

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That would be good. Although maybe 25 years ago.

Have you heard the version of Bulls on Parade with Flea playing bass? Fire.

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Swap any frontperson for Mike Patton and you’re upgrading the band.

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Absolutely. Teenage me would have jumped for joy.

Lol I’m listening to the queen is dead atm for the first time in agesss and I still absolutely love it. Fuckin’ Moz

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Take out Bonehead and put in Coxon for a laugh (fee undisclosed)

Selway out drum machine in

Take out one of the Sugababes approx once a year to keep it FRESH


would’ve liked to see mark e. smith in s club 7


If it’s mark e smith and Rachel on bongos, it’s The Fall


Thom Yorke replaced by Lizzo


Replace any live session musician in almost any band with Nic Offer for a guaranteed improvement.

serj tankian replaced by avril lavigne


Ian Brown to Liam Gallagher

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Flea on bass for The Manic-Street Preachers