Change one member

Any trombone player in for the fella who plays guitar in Papa Roach


Replace Morrissey with Pink Eyes

Selway out sick-ass jazz drummer in. Aww yeah.

But also I feel like these sort of questions are always flawed because of band dynamics - for all we know it could have been Big Phil* who kept the band together.

(* Selway not Scolari)


Oh of course. I just want an 80s Metallica with Thomas Pridgen in it.

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Take That
Out - Tory Barlow
In - Dani Filth


even though i agree lars is shit, i feel like peak metallica wouldn’t be the same without him. sometimes basic is good, and he was probably at his best around MOP. any of the shit records, sure, boot him out.

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Not gonna lie, this recording just makes me realise how awful RATM could have been if they had Flea on bass. Way too busy.

Bit different init


For me, it’s the style of playing that makes him so hated by so many, and why I make him the butt of so many jokes. Sure he can play, but he’s really bad at showing any restraint. Saying that though, there are times where I later find out he played bass on something, like The Mars Volta’s first album, where I think the playing is just perfect and understated, so he clearly has it in him.

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