Change to the Android Call Answering Behaviour

Sorry, this really as boring as the title suggests, but my OnePlus 3 has recently changed from letting me answer calls by swiping to the left or right, into swiping up and down.

This is exacerbated by the fact the colours are much less obvious in the new mode so I’ve managed to hang up on people a few times.

Anyone else share this very first world problem woe with me?

(I’m actually slightly apprehensive as my mum’s vision isn’t great and she has only just got used to how Android works so this change will really confuse her.)

Havent got the heart to make the inevitable theo/android behaviour gag but I wish you all the best with this issue.


I think I’ve just been fouthed :wink:

Thanks anyway.

@anon5266188 has this happened on your OnePlus?

no one phones me

You are a cyclist.


:rofl: :fire:


Oh you’ve done him there


Was just about to say this and then I saw Theo’s reply and then :expressionless:

I don’t have a clue about which way I swipe to answer a call.

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Same with my alarm in the morning. Pretty certain that’s changed recently

Well he asked for it!


Oh no, mine is okay for now.

yeah I’ve got that up and down thing on my oneplus, it’s not great is it

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Abandoned Philip K Dick short story title


Yes, I’m afraid it has, friend

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Noticed this when I upgraded my phone last week (from Xperia Z3 Compact, to Pixel). Assumed it was because Sony had a custom dialler app, but presume it’s actually part of the upgrade to Android 7 or 8.

Already getting used to the new behaviour, so it’s not a huge issue for me.

Can confirm my oneplus has changed too, definitely less clear than before.

Quick look suggests there are decent apps to customise it though. This one is free and has a 4.2 rating on the play store.

They are synonyms.