Changed flavours lately?

Having always been a raspberry jam girl I am now fully team blackcurrant . That sainsbury’s taste the difference one is so good.

This has also made me into to a jam dolloper rather than a smearer. Can’t get enough of it.

Swapped to a new flavour or fragrance lately? Or even eating style. Tell me.

(Footnote: I tend to have gooseberry jam and marmalade in rotation too, I’m not some sort of one jam one trick pony)

Fully converted to marmite peanut butter now, don’t think the original stuff will ever hit the spot in the same way, as much as I love it.


I don’t like marmite but I think I might like this.

I have fully and conclusively transitioned from Mini Cheddars to Mini Red Leicesters


Couldn’t get my usual cucumber Dove roll-on so have switched to pomegranate. Feels great, thanks for asking.

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the Chilli Marmite is a gamechanger

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Us too!

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I know :sob: got to take my thrills where I can get them though

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Tastier, classier, and a terrific odour!

But that’s enough about Scout, M and Antpoc, what about Mini Red Leicesters?


I’m in a call for the next hour and now all I can think of is jam on lovely buttery toast. I’ll be paying even less attention for the rest of this.

Sorry about that. Treat yourself to some toast after work

Might even go for a dollop instead of spread. YOLO (has anyone said that in the last 5 years?)

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Swapped to the method hand soap from carex, it’s the jardin one, it smells so so so good

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bought some smooth peanut butter instead of my usual crunchy cos i read that it’s better for an upset stomach

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I changed my local indian!

Feel really bad, might have to go back to the old one even though it isn’t as good

was about to tell you all about my recent milk change but then i realised it’s the same flavour so doesn’t count

thanks for reading


Swapped from Cumberland to Lincolnshire as my standard go-to sausage if that counts?

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Oh we tried a new Chinese in august when our usual was shut, this ones a bit further away but it’s now our go-to. I never like to get the same thing and they’ve got loads of stuff I’m not familiar with. Wife is the opposite and always gets the same thing which they also do a great version of.

I prefer a Lincolnshire too

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