Changed flavours lately?

Whilst on holiday I had Scott’s porridge oats instead of Quakers porridge oats.

I found the oats slightly smaller and really couldn’t get on with them, so back on the Quakers, which is a shame because I liked the Scott’s packaging…but you can’t eat the packaging.

Maybe I should have kept the empty Scott’s box, and poured the Quakers oats into in, best of both worlds.


I tried a different one the other week but their garlic chilli chicken was so spicy it was almost inedible, so they aren’t a keeper.

Bought some lime squash recently and enjoyed it, so will certainly be doing that again in the future.

I’m only on jumbo oats these days. Game changing stuff.

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have you tried the lime pepsi max?

it’s dece

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i’ve lost track of all the flavours. there seems to be new ones that come out with little fanfare, then disappear after a couple of weeks.

ginger > lime > raspberry > standard = cherry > vanilla

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Not really a change in flavour but I’ve become addicted to cottage pies recently. Averaging at least 2 a week atm


did a massive lol at this

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Cottage pies are no joke


i might get a blue washing up liquid instead of red

To all you fucking haters out there who were saying “nah, bro. No way, Ant still has Mini Cheddars cause he’s a baby toddler”

Fuck you. This is big boy shit. 2021 I’m not fucking around any more.

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Also go Craig David in my head now thanks @Scout

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