Changes to the moderating/admin team

Hi music boarders!

Following up from this thread over on the social board which deals with routine and practice for moderating the boards (which has now been pinned btw), we wanted to let you know about a couple of changes within the moderators/admin crew.

  1. The universal dad of the boards, THEO aka @1101010, has asked to be removed as admin – and after realising we could not convince him to change his mind, we did just that. He is now just a regular poster! Feels crazy. :heart:
  2. There will for the time being be 2 admins, namely myself and @wewerewerewolvesonce (new rule: your username must begin with a w in order to be considered for admin). After discussing this with the rest of the moderators, we are placing ourselves on trial from right now and until the end of April. That way, both we, the other moderators, and the rest of you can see if this is a good fit. Please bear with us as we undoubtedly make some mistakes and struggle to understand how some things work. We will try our very best not to ruin everything.
  3. @TheBarbieMovie2023 has asked to be relieved of her moderating duties. In combination with the abovementioned changes, this means we are looking to take on board 2 new moderators. This will be done the same way we did it last time: People can nominate themselves or others and we’ll put it to the vote (the nominee obviously has to accept the nomination before the poll happens). Nominations can be made in this thread. The poll will be a separate thread.

I think that’s everything for now. This exact same message is posted on the social board as well, just wanted to make sure it reached everyone over here as well.