Changing keys

Hey guys, I’ve been struggling with this for a while and was hoping there might be someone that could help me. I’ve been playing with this chord sequence Am G F E and I’ve got a dope melody line but it’s just a bit too high for me to sing, anyone know how I can take this down a bit please so I get the same progression but lower?

So long as you preserve the relationships between the chords, you can move it anywhere. So ttf’s example is correct, but so would be Gm F D# D. If you’re playing it on guitar, it’s super easy because you just move your initial hand position and the pursue the same progression.

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I was struggling with this very issue, whilst googling some kind of help I came across a very easily accessible guide to music theory which has helped me loads. I’d highly recommend it

When I first read this one chapter, so many things fitted in to place, it’s awesome

some useful tips here

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If you need inspiration there’s an excellent example of a key change in this song, too.

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Don’t forget to stand up when you do.



That’s a great pdf file @fridge123 !!!

I think @mahim95 will find it very useful !!!

I don’t mean use a capo on the guitar neck I mean you should hire someone high up in the Mafia to teach you how to do this.


Yeah, capo is the easiest way to do what you are saying if you’re working with open chords and don’t want to mess with barre chords. Essentially you achieve what @anon44377095 is saying up there by just placing the capo on the fret board to reposition the song.

The only issue you have is that it’s too high so if we’re only talking a semi tone or two you might end up with the capo up on the 10th fret, which is really quite high and will probably start showing issues with intonation.

What you could do is downtune your whole guitar one or two semitones, which would give your whole piece a different sort of sound but one you might really enjoy too.

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have you been to Timpsons?


I’m glad you thinks so ma0sm. Thanks

I would like to thank you guys for your help and advice. Oh and fridge123 I bought that guide you recommended and haven’t been able to stop reading it since, everything is slotting in to place now, thanks so much.

Did anyone get the key change guide for Christmas?