changing major song to minor/vice versa

this Nirvana one appeared in the Nirvana thread, but there’s so so many of them

the best ones are incredible cos even if you hate the original, the changed one might be amazing

this one made me laugh until I cried

works great with film music and classical music too


when this gets to the chorus you realise how major key the original is

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I love that this is a thing, and I would love to listen to the first 25 seconds of more of them

The Nirvana one sounds like Busted


it sounds like the soundtrack for a teen movie circa 2000, in a good way


It’s weird how the rhythm of the verses has taken on a kind of a reggae lope. Must be a by-product of the key change but the mechanic of it are beyond me.

I think all of these have been done in slightly different ways.

If you can get the individual tracks you can just edit them.

It’s easy to shift something from major to minor if it’s just a melody.

If it’s chords it’s much harder.

So I think lots of them have been done by taking just a few of the original tracks including the vocal, shifting those to major/minor and then adding in new parts. That’s why the guitar is different - it’s not the original recording at all is my guess.


This wil make @TAFH33 's head explode, either with ecstasy or outrage.


Why not both?

Sad the Beach Bowzers didn’t do this at Chuck E Cheese.

I’d be surprised if people are adding their own instrumentation

Melodyne does a pretty good job of splitting parts into instruments.

I’ve got some software that is pretty good as splitting vocals / bass / guitars into stems

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Rhythm seems different too.

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Ha sorry yes this is just a silly cover

Fun though

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That Adele one has got some pretty challenging modal stuff going on! Can’t decide if I love it or not. At least 1000% more listenable than the original, obviously.

This is one I can totally get behind. Again, I’m not sure they’ve done a very straight major/minor switch; the vocal lands in some far more sophisticated spots than the original.

Like this one genuinely.

yeah this one sounds a bit like they’ve changed some chords but not others, so it’s very weird but maybe due to the familiarity of the original, it still sounds ok

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Remember once watching a documentary about music journalist Paul “He” Morley trying to learn about music theory to see if it made him a better critic or something. The main thing I remember is he couldn’t distinguish between major and minor sounding chords at all, he was completely deaf to it. Was quite interesting.

How old was he at that point? Seems wierd to have chosen a career in something, but opt to learn nothing of the mechanics?

Like being an art critic, but not bothering to learn the names of colours.


It was a few years ago, but I think that was the whole point, asking can someone critique music if they don’t understand the technicalities of making it. I don’t think the colour thing is quite right, but you can obviously respond emotionally to a painting without knowing the art movement it came out of, or enjoy a tasty meal without knowing how to cook it yourself.

It was interesting, but it was a bit baffling to watch him sit there while a pianist hit C major and Morley sat there, brown furrowed, and says “Umm… sad? Minor?” It’s like primary school level music!

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Must’ve been this, not sure if the full thing is anywhere

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