Changing my sub-title

Hi @moderators - would it be possible to change my account sub-title (is that what it’s called)? Started out ages ago as banter, but am conscious that it’s not very inclusive/potentially uncomfortably ageist. Thanks!

Have you tried lighting a candle? It usually works for mine.

Man it’s hard not to click that box having never ever seen it before…

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Hey mate, is there anything you’d like it changed to specifically? Otherwise I can just remove it.

Could you change it to

Watching horror films probably


The most baffling thing on earth that users don’t have the ability to change this themselves


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Best feeling ever…


Can’t you change the title to (none) in preferences?

Not sure, I just know that only mods can add/edit it

Yeah it’s a very weird thing. I think it should just be what you get from badges so you can control it and, yes, AFAIK you can always delete it by just changing the value to NONE for Title here

The Discourse meta site has a value you can set yourself AFAIK but when I looked into it I’d need to actually have access to the templates and crap like that to allow your ‘Name’ bit to be used in that way so I had to abandon the desire to make it available

(Also I think there was a small data safety aspect too whereby the original suck in of data from the old site had populated that with everyone’s real name if they’d had it on their profile so it would have made that visible under each user’s name and I wasn’t sure some people would have liked that.)


Honestly, the back end of Discourse has so many settings and I fear changing anything as it’s hard to know exactly what most settings may allow (and as it results in understandable complaints if it has unintended consequences)

There’s loads of advice on the official Discourse forums and happy to make changes if there’s ever a clear solution

I probably need a PhD in Discourse settings or a few hours to figure these changes out otherwise.