Changing things that you have done all your life for a better future - a tale of heroism



As mentioned somewhere on the boards previously, the tops of my slippers at the toe have been wearing out. I discovered that it was because they were clipping the tops of the stairs as I ascend. The stairs have thick carpet and slight overhang. Therefore, much like a golfer re-imagining their swing, I am having to change my stair ascension gait (at least within the home). Please wish me luck.

You done anything or anything?


I swapped my gillette cartridge razors for an old fashioned safety razor but I think I already announced that.

It’s going very well by the way, very well indeed.


Proud of you


I have joined the ‘wearing trainers to work then changing them for your work shoes’ brigade, and it has been an unqualified success


I stopped pressing ‘Shift + Letter’ for a capital letter when typing, instead quickly turning caps lock on and off. Much quicker.