Channel 4 documentaries



Did channel 4 use to show good documentaries? I’m pretty sure that they did but they don’t so much now, there’s one on there at the moment about all you can eat buffets.


The Great Reality TV Swindle


you mean like big brother?


and the one where they duped people into thinking they were in space!


Remember Shattered? Where people had to stay awake for week or something ridiculous?


Still do those little unreported world things don’t they?


I do not remember this at all, then again it could be because I was worked/working ridiculously that year.


A lot of it is on YouTube, pretty sure it breaks some mental health and safety regulations.


these came up in another dis thread a while back, but before that i had talked to people extensively about both of these shows and had never found anyone who remembered either of them, at one point i had to google them to make sure that i hadn’t just imagined them both.


It was possibly me talking about the space one before because I know I have done so on here before. If I remember rightly, the first stage in the process was to select only the most gullible contestants. Jonny Vaughan (sp?) presented.


yes! i think it was called space cadets? it was like a much less depressing/problematic version of those derren brown shows where he kept convincing members of the public that they’d murdered somebody.


It might have been a derren brown program that did its own milgram experiment wtf?!?!?


I remember they showed a documentary about the US Porn business called Hardcore many years ago

It was one of the most depressing/ disturbing things I have ever seem


he did do that, yeah:

the other one i was thinking of was this, i think: