Channel 4 News on the British "Alt-Right"

Did anyone see this last night? Literally never seen such a punchable bunch of cunts. The smuggest pricks known to humanity. Can’t even describe how angry it made me.

Worth a watch (or maybe not).

80 years later, but we still have to deal with 1930s aristocratic fascists.

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no i didn’t

Was this the bit in the studio? Or one of those short docs?

'Cos the I caught the bit in the studio and it was a shambles. Krishnan Guru-Murthy is a terrible moderator. Everyone just talking crap (both sides to be fair). Painful to watch.

Worse than our mods?

Not a fan of the term alt-right. Normalises the behaviour of dangerous twats.

Incidentally, would anybody on here openly identify with at best anything worse than a centralist or lily-livered liberal? Would anybody admit to being, say, pro-Brexit, or a conservative? Surely we’re all lefties to some extent on here, bar CG and youknowwho (the angry one, i won’t rile him)?

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People talk about there being a difference between Alt-Right and Neo Naziism but if you actually go on these (somehow popular) blogs it’s astounding and straight up frightening the amount of sickening racism you’ll find.

The gleeful use of racist terms/rejection of anything barely considered political correctness is probably to be expected from these cunts but really they go the whole nine yards - openly talking about worldwide Jewish conspiracies, racial supremacy/“keeping the whites pure”, comparing non-white communities to animals, targeting disabilities, all the same old horrendous bullshit we’ve been having to fight for a hundred years. It’s genuinely stomach turning and I’m glad they’re slowly being recognised and shut down for spreading hate-speech because that’s exactly what it is, just with a cute name.

Both were terrible, but yeah, there was a short film too. Twats dressed like Harry Potter talking about the importance of reading Mein Kampf and calling themselves “classical libertarians” or “paleo-conservatives”.

One of these twats was like “I don’t associate myself with the Nazi-side of the alt-right”. Uh, yeah you do pal, and you don’t get to decide that you’re clean of that particular stain.

Just remembered when the guy pulled out a leaflet about housing a refugee and said: “You should take in a refugee if you care so much, I hope he doesn’t rape you”.

Yeah as much as the like’s of Milo, might just seem like some entertaining, conservative spokesperson his message when taken to its logical conclusion is not only incredibly regressive but is not that dissimilar to many of the arguments used by the far-right to justify some of their incredibly heinous behavior.

It really seems like a lot of the people who would traditionally be shunned for being neo-nazis are finding a home on the alt-right partly because of their insistence on granting legitimacy to all ideologies and interpretations.

It’s weird to see denialism for example being openly talked about again.

this kind of ties in to my comments a week or so ago about Facebook trump supporters being pathological sociopaths.

milo yiannopulsjsueous said “every country that isn’t based on judeo-christian principles is really fucked up and horrible.”

don’t care for how libertarianism has been co-opted by neo nazi ayn rand sociopaths.

He actually is dressed like Harry Potter

really don’t see how the nus lady was talking crap. she was pretty composed and didn’t rise to his bait. @CHAIRMAN_LMAO think it’s pretty dangerous to say they were both talking crap when it’s patently obvious her points about slavery are true and everything he said is the absolute worst.

Milo is properly terrifying

he’s engaging, very charasmatic and his views are fucking horrifying (he’s also so narcissistic it would be hilarious if he wasn’t evil)

people got taken in by trump and farage - i can see even more being taken in by Milo, especially young, impressionable people

he claims he can’t be homophobic cos he’s gay but he is, and seemingly he’s forgotten that it’s only because of relatively recent progression being made that he’s now free to talk about being gay in public…

I think it’s just that what was deemed the centre has been drifting so far to the right that social democracy is now seen as extreme leftism.


Looks like a bunch of DiSers on that short film.

Kinda. Don’t forget that the LibDems pitched their tent to the left of Labour from when Ashdown stepped down up to, and including, the 2010 general election.