Channel 4's 40 Best Shows

I assumed when I got to no.2 that Teenage Health Freak was top of the list, but they must have forgotten it completely. Iconic show! :smiley:

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Id have got Popworld in there somewhere


probably not what’s on at the time of writing this post…

in addition to previously noted omissions:

Phoenix Nights?

Trigger Happy?

Crystal Maze?

(the first two series of) Teachers?

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Bloody loved the first series of this. Not so keen on the second series, was a bit too serious for me (at the time, would probably have liked it more had I been a bit older)

No Young Person’s Guide To Becoming A Rock Star either

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No hollyoaks or stath let’s flats :-1:t4:

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Stath Lets Flats is obviously the best thing they’ve ever done


Yeah, I loved parts of the second series (trying to get served in a pub when you’re about 16, that kind of thing) but it did get very heavy with his mum’s breakdown.

It’s all on Youtube but pretty low quality VHS rips.

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Gerry Butler’s finest hour.

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good call. Think people forget how good this was cause Dom Joly’s a bit of a twat but it’s one of the most consistently funny shows there was

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