Chaos corners

Do you have one? Bit late to be starting this thread really.
I used to have a chaos drawer but then I moved and now it’s a chaos nook. This is my office

It normally has my bank cards and ID but I’ve moved them. Hope no one can steal my identity from this.

You don’t have to show it but if you have a chaos x I’d love to hear about it.

I know where everything is within this btw and it makes perfect sense to me




Currently have a chaos room. Moved my bed from my bedroom into the lounge and put my work table in the bedroom, creating a lot of upheaval among the way. Looks like there’s been an earthquake.

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I’m going to have to mute this thread, aren’t I

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This is a safe space, absolutely no judgement

I bet you have at least a drawer. One drawer that’s full of old cables and spare change and free samples and stamps and it’s CHAOS.


Kermit! this would drive me absolutely bonkers.

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This is a lie, I’m judging everybody

The whole kitchen table. Mrs HYG has promised she will clear it. We will see.

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I’m sorry Neil!!!
In my defence, the rest of my flat is very orderly. I just need one area of organised chaos.

Have you not followed my woes where Scottish Water are digging a 70m deep ‘viewing chamber’ about 10m from my lounge (and therefore office) window. This move is a desperate attempt to put two extra walls between me and them breaking up rock all day every day.

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My cable drawer also has some glasses cases in it and that’s QUITE enough excitement for me, thank you very much.

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Easy cowboy, think of your blood pressure

just rented a storage unit because we live in a chaos flat :zipper_mouth_face:


Actually my car is basically one big chaos drawer. Right now there’s chemistry textbooks in the boot and a large packet of lemon Fairy dishwasher tablets in the right side passenger foot well. I’m sure there was a reason for both of these things at some point in the past but they’re lost in the mists of time.


YES! It’s all coming out now!
We all have a little area of chaos.

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I saw a couch cushion on the floor the other day when I came home from work, almost had a heart attack.

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Yeah but… bed in the lounge. Think of the feng shui ramifications.

Do you want some lemon Fairy dishwasher tablets?