Chapo Trap House / The Dirtbag Left

I know this has cropped up in other threads, but thought it might be worth it’s own discussion.

I love it (though don’t pay for the extra episodes), think they’re hilarious and agree with most of their politics, BUT I can see why they’re sometimes dismissed as being too white / male / straight. Interested to hear what others think of them, and the whole Dirtbag Left thing as a whole.

I don’t know who or what it is


Should’ve added that I don’t care, sorry


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I’m with Aggpass on this one.

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You what, m9?

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Guys you don’t have to post in every thread you know.


I like them a lot even though I don’t get most of the references.

Felix’s appearance in the Intercepted podcast was really good, obviously a very bright guy behind the snark.

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I like them. Usually pretty fun follows on twitter, too. Feels like America’s lacked a voice like theirs since pretty much forever, and it’s great how much of a tizzy 3-5 bearded blokes operating off Patreon have gotten the liberal establishment into.


Yeah I like them but sometimes I just don’t really get what they’re on about.

I’m more into the Pod Save America bros

I am a fully paid up Grey Wolf. I love it. I totally get that they are not infallible, I don’t agree with their politics 100%, they definitely get it wrong sometimes (the way they talk about how Corbyn ‘won’ is actually fairly reductive and annoying, I wish someone would have a reasoned chat with them about it - see also their thoughts on the IRA themselves being ‘good’, rather than just being sympathetic towards their cause… a few other things)

However, Felix is one of the funniest/quickest people I’ve ever heard - his Eminem raps in the latest Call of Cthulu episodes had me nearly crying with laughter on public transport. I’ve learnt a lot about US politics through them, and largely agree with the Democratic party needing to ‘bend the knee’ to them - just look at the Dems comments on abortion this week, who exactly are they trying to appeal to here?

That being said I’m aware that they all have said/done stupid things on Twitter especially (I dunno if you saw the controversy about Felix and his sort-of-apology to Melissa McEwan recently), and if it’s done one thing for me in particular which I am annoyed about it’s make me fall deeply into the Right/Left twitter wormhole.

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I haven’t listened to it in a while, but I like it.

I guess the Reel Politik podcast would be the UK equivalent - that’s well worth a listen.

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Cheers, I’ll check that out. They’re all obviously really smart, but Felix in particular seems really quick - to the point I sometimes wonder if there are pre-written gags and stuff (which is fine if they are, it’s just not how I imagine they do it).

I’ve not listened to PSA because I imagine it’s the kind of centre-left stuff that Chapo rips on? Happy to be corrected.

I will check that out - I’m cautious as to whether this style of take on UK politics will be as enjoyable, but have been wondering if there even was an equivalent for a while now.

Yeah in my experience they are firmly focussed on discussing the right with not enough criticism of the Democrats - I wouldn’t even refer to them as particularly left. They’re very ‘establishment’, or even incredibly establishment compared to Chapo.

Yeah, this is pretty much exactly how I feel - slightly irked in part, but generally lapping it up.

I do kind of wish they’d address the criticisms more, because I feel like they’d be able to defend themselves - like, their class-based politics is intersectional - but I guess they don’t want to distract from just doing what they do and ignoring tha haterz.

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Firstly I do think they are critical of the dems but in general they are trying to be more positive and constructive. I guess my politics do fall more centrally which is why I drift towards PSA/Crooked Media more often and dip into the Chapo stuff occasionally.

Secondly, their access and and insight from being in the west wing is the strength of PSA, they are insightful and knowledgeable. But I appreciate that is also a weakness because they aren’t naturally going to start just tearing into it. I’m pretty sure a least a couple of them have ambitions to get back into politics in the future.

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in my opinion the $5 a month I pay for the extra episodes is very much worth it - it’s second only to Around The NFL in terms of things that get me through the week now ha