Charcoal In Things

Get a lot of charcoal in things you eat nowadays, 2007 me didn’t see that coming if I’m being honest.

Anything improved with charcoal activation? Why has activated become the synonymous adjective?

What does it do?

Just prep for the post-Brexit diet of coal, they’ve been working on this for years


Got some charcoal crackers in my Thomas Fudge biscuuits fo cheese box. They were the worst in the selection.

Didn’t we discover ‘activated’ just meant ‘wet’. Activated cashews or something?

I think it stops your body from absorbing things that your body needs to absorb for life. It’s a con propogated by big coal.


I wasn’t part of that we


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Got some charcoal face wash that left the shower looking like I gave a squid a kicking


Here’s a pic of me last week doing everything to get the bread out of my life. I wasted a weekend on this stuff


It means you’ve burned the shit out of it to give it a really high surface area. Used to use it in the lab for some things.

The palladium on activated charcoal would spontaneously combust if you let it get dry, which was always… fun.

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this is beautiful

I’ve had tacos where the shell (soft shell) is grey/ black - assume there is charcoal involved in there? Dunno, they have always tasted good

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Some ladies went on Dragon’s Den the other day with a product called Collagin which was gin that had collagen in it.

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Then it’s not a we I want to be a part of either.

You guys are late to the party, you could get charcoal tablets years ago been around for ages. I think they are meant to be good for clearing you out?

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I nned we?

Weird, got some charcoal bread at the weekend! It is black as midnight. Hard to tell if you’ve left it in the toaster too long…

Prezzo do/did a charcoal pizza and it made my number twos very grey for about 4 days afterwards

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There’s a hold steady lyric from 2004 or something about someone getting really high at festival and being given activated charcoal

This is my contribution to the charcoal in things thread


Activated charcoal is what they give people who’ve been poisoned isn’t it? Absorbs all the poison rather than it being digested into their system.