Charging a friend for 'freelance'

Hi all,

Random. I’ve done a quick logo for a friend’s business. I didn’t charge much at all as it was more of a favour. He wants an invoice sending over.

Do I add VAT on top of the amount agreed? Or do I reduce the amount so that VAT takes it up to the amount agreed? Or do I just not mention VAT? Feels like I need to in an official invoice.


I never mention VAT in my invoices, as long as it’s got the mandatory details like invoice number and date etc you’re fine

I’m not VAT-registered though, if you are then I guess there are other rules


Are you VAT registered? If not, no need to include it (and no need to register unless you’re earning over £85000 in a year I think)

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Thanks everyone. In the end I just asked him how he wanted to go about it and he said to just leave the VAT off.

I did set myself up as self-employed through a different thing but that was specifically to added as a supplier for some company, and no work came from that anyway. This is a separate thing and I barely make any money from it.