You got it? You know anyone with loads of it? Who do you reckon has the most worldwide?


I’d have to say Mr. Worldwide himself


I’ve gone with maxed out INT instead.

(Hi Theo)


i have exactly none of it. thanks for asking.


It’s actually Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson obviously but this thread is more for the discussion of more day-to-day charisma


No :sob:




quite enjoy ‘charisma vacuum’ as an insult


In that case, I have enough to host an engaging quiz night, but absolutely no more than that


Ditto that mate, none in the slightest. I think people either have loads or none, don’t hear of many mdoerately charismatic people do you


I’m moderately charismatic


How many people do you think you could appear engaging in front of at any given time?


I find Barack Obama to be incredibly charismatic

People who I’ve met in real like with it are usually just very confident, whilst keeping the arrogance dialed down.


True dat

Michelle > Barack for likability and charisma IMO though


All of them. In moderation.



remember how charismatic Irish Jim from The Apprentice was, he was very charismatic indeed


It’s interesting you should say that because in 5th Edition D&D Intelligence has now become the ‘dump stat’ compared to Charisma.


RIMMER: So there we were at 2:30 in the morning;


Got about as much charisma as a grape, m8s


Got to be honest, I don’t…