Charity thread


hey guys, long time no mention of this but if people re still up for doing a voluntary project, I now have a lot more free time and my life isnt as chaotic and stressful.

for reasons I dont want to get into, I wont be bumping the original thread but please PM me if you know what project I’m talking about and want to be involved, and if you dont know what im on about please PM me and I will explain.

sorry for the lack of any communication about this for several months. I hate disappointing people and it’s a struggle not to feel too guilty about not being able to do something I really want to do but lack the time and capacity.


also wanted to highlight a few things that people might not know about cause I’ve had a few conversations on here about the ethics and efficacy of giving to charity:

you can ask your employer to set up donate as you earn. this does cost but in some cases makes sense for higher tax brackets (for others, gift aid is more effective).

you can ask your employer to give you volunteering days (I’ve asked our chief exec for this and we are going to get one day a year)

lots of volunteering opportunities out there that you can fit around your schedule

on public wifi rn so keep getting redirected but yeah loads of charities have very accessible volunteering opportunities


Payroll giving is great. Give a bit to a few places every month and don’t even know I’ve done it. It’s ideal really.


I signed up for payroll giving, I choose a combo of charities from the form, a couple of months later I get a letter from them saying I hadn’t nominated any charities and need to nominate the charities, returning a form is beyond me and it’s been over a year. Definitely should sort it out, wonder if it’s just sat with hmrc in the meantime. (Don’t let my ineptitude put you off payroll giving people)


look for stuff sometimes but havent been able to find any volunteer work here that meets my time and language limitations

didn’t know about that payroll thing tho so will look to see if there’s an equivalent here


I’m trying to get payroll giving established here. I agree, good way to go about things.

Can anyone recommend an agent, or are they ostensibly the same?