Charles Bradley

What a voice, what a man.

Gave my best mate a big hug at green man the other year… I was too shy. Eternally jealous.

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Amazing life story. Amazing singer. An amazingly humble and grateful soul.

His stage presence was incredible: he just poured everything he could into it. I think most musicians have a difficulty with this: they just cant mean it and feel it all the time. Barkley’s long journey and extremely late start seemed to allow him to approach every performance on stage as a gift to savour.

The documentary about him is very worth watching. I got into him hearing him sing Strictly Reserved For You on Jools Holland… a catchy song so powerful in the hands of a great singer…in a better age it would have topped charts. His version of Ozzy’s Changes should also have had massive crossover appeal.

Thanks Charles. Hope you are resting with your ma.


Just someone you absolutely couldn’t not root for. Seemed an incredible man and it’s very sad news. RIP screaming eagle


He was brilliant- such a pure, uncynical soul and so talented at what he did. His Rough Trade in-store last year was just one of the most electrifying sets I’ve ever seen. RIP, Charles.

Stumbled across him at a festival about 2012 without knowing much about him.

Completely blown away, one of best things I’ve seen live. Goosebump stuff

Saw him live about 4-5 years back. He was a real treat. Seemed to really love what he did and showed it in his countenance. He came down and hugged more or less every single person at the show!

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Sharon Jones and Charles Bradley in the space of a year - that’s really not fair. Two absolute giants. RIP.

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