Charli XCX

Enjoyed my first listen to this though all the guests with beautiful voices really show up her vocal style. 15 songs is also a bit much for me but I know that’s just the way it goes these days. Imagine how many pop albums that have come out lately would be classics when pruned down to 10 tracks.

Just listened to You’re The One for the first time in years, still stands up:

I am going to have the chorus to White Mercedes in my head all day.

Click and Shake It :pray:

It’s definitely a bit too long, and 1999 really sticks out (as much of a banger as it is), but it’s great to hear that she has kept much of what made Pop 2 so brilliant here.

C. Polachek is a stone cold boss, that is true. But I’m still angery with you for calling POP2 a “fluke”.

Sounds like people like a different Charli XCX to me

  • True Romance
  • Sucker
  • Number 1 Angel
  • Pop 2

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Love everything she’s done but

POP2 > N1A > Vroom Vroom > True Romance > Sucker

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Never heard Vroom Vroom, but you could pretty much reverse that order for me.

Personally Sucker. The song Vroom Vroom is ace the rest of the ep I wasn’t thatb othered by with.

Let’s ride.

Caroline Polachek is one of my fav vocalists hope the album is good


This album isn’t doing it for me like my baby Pop 2. A lot of bangers here but I’m starting to find the production on her albums a bit grating. A lot of good here though and will keep on rotation but it’s not quite the God tier pop record I was expecting/hoping for.

I really like the more understated tracks here like ‘Official’ and ‘White Mercedes’ though

‘Shake It’ Is certified banger doe

I am a huge fan of hers, but just need to dedicate time to listen to this properly. POP2 is one of my favourites in the last 5 years, so it’s going to be very hard to beat for me.

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Yeah - need to give it a bit more of a chance, but I’m a little disappointed tbh
Still good - just not as good as I’d like!

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I’ve not listened yet but “well it’s not as good as literally the best album of all time” is like… What’s the opposite of damning with faint praise?

Im leaning between 6 and 7 outta ten

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Shake It is Charli’s ‘Monster’

I didn’t get into Pop 2 so I’ve got no real point of comparison, but on its own merits the run of tracks 1-7 is about as perfect as pop can be. I’ve had the hook of 1999 in my head for weeks already and Warm and Thoughts are both just gorgeous.

Will get into the back half soon but I keep looping that section so far.

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Having listened to the second half a few times now

  • Blame it On Your Love is obviously good, but just a little tame when compared to Track 10 (which I can’t help doing)
  • White Mercedes doesn’t do much for me, and suffers from sharing most of a name with Frank’s much better White Ferrari
  • Shake It :man_shrugging:
  • February is a weaker track, so it undercuts how good 2099 is and makes the album feel like it ends worse than it really does

But that still leaves me with 12/15 tracks that I’m fully into. This album bangs.

I agree it should be reduced to max 12 tracks, but I’d remove 1999, Warm and Blame It On Your Love, then shuffle the order around. Probably open the album with 2099. Sure Charli knows best though!

Ah two of my three favourites probably! 2099 definitely isn’t the greatest closer though