Charli XCX

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gave Sucker a first full listen off the back of this

title track is good sassy fun, London Queen full on ear worm (sounds like a trial run for Speed Drive, and the opening lines make me giggle), and Gold Coins is great with a flow that’s a bit Lorde-esque? Can clearly hear this came out around the same time as Pure Heroine

Remember Break the Rules well from back in the day, it’s good but goes on a bit without changing or peaking enough, doesn’t hit quite right - whereas Boom Clap still slaps, pure sugar rush. Recognise Body of My Own but not sure why, album highlight anyway. Cool drums and rhythm, Charli flipping through so many diff vocal styles and hooks, addictive. Pure attitude

Can’t decide on Famous - nearly like it, nearly irritated by it. Hanging Around is just a less good Beverly Hills. So Over You is another great surprise, something about the chord progression isn’t quite what my ear expects, goes a little darker and moodier when I expect major brightness. Which is good, stands out more for it, and good chorus explosion too

don’t think much of the last 3 tracks, think the bonus of Red Balloon is more fun than any of em tbh

So, fun overall, well worth a go - at least 5 really good relistenable tracks. The main issue is that the weaker songs are actively cringey to me, more due to the flashbacks to the time and how dated they sound than from just being bad. But it means the album swings wildly from good fun to oh-god-skip-it, which makes for a confusing experience

gonna keep going with all the others I know less well (all but the newest 3 really)


Sorta wish this was gonna be on BRAT

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Brit Brit Brit Brit Brit
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