Charlie Bravo Alpha: it's Monday

How are you all? Fun-packed days ahead?

Not for me, I’m afraid. Got my annual appraisal, an interview (I’m doing the interviewing) and am covering client appointments for my colleague.

Will update the Withervane in a bit but it’s not looking good!

Note: positive contributions welcome in this thread. Just because I’m a bit groggy, doesn’t mean you have to be. Happy Monday everyone :slight_smile:

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Working. Not sure what on, largely nothing I suppose. Footy tonight which could make or break my week.

Did this last night.


Morning ccb, mistersteve. Thought of the withervane yesterday when I was in Morrisons and the in-store radio played Lovely Day. It was pissing down, so should have been the other one.
Just got back from the gym and working my way through a pile of washing and ironing. I’ve had more exciting Mondays.

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My jet lag hit me last night so I was up til 2am.
I then completely slept through my light alarm clock. The full light had been on for 20 mins and I hadn’t even stirred at the 30 mins warm up light beforehand. I must had been out of it.

Therefore: cba/feel like shit/do not want to go to work/need coffee

Morning :sunny:

Sat in bed with a giant orb of tea, this really is the biggest mug on earth. When I look straight into it secrets of the universe are revealed to me.

It’s a constant disappointment to me that things like this don’t really happen.


Do those light alarms usually work really well? I’m such a heavy sleeper I’ve never trusted them – I quite often sleep through my dangerously loud noise alarm clock. Quite like the idea though.

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Guys, guys, guys, guys…



I find it works really well for me! I set it to come on over the course of 30 mins and I normally wake up about 5 mins into it? Then I can nod back off until the light gets a lot brighter.

My friend got one and sleeps through it every day so though not for everyone. I’d put myself down as a relatively light sleeper normally. Any kind of light will really bother me and wake me up.

Full of cold. Full of snot.

Happy moon day everyone :crescent_moon:

An extreme case of manspreading going on just in front of me on the train - any wider and he may as well be doing the splits. No idea how sitting like that can be comfortable.

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Work. Going to see Rita Sue and Bob Too at the theatre tonight. But mostly CBA

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  • I dont need stimulants to feel GREAT!!!

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Both pls


Weekend was alright, saw the guy from Far play my local, didn’t really know his stuff but it was quite life affirming. Broke my 15 day run of avoiding my flatmate, wasn’t too tense. Also have my appraisal tomorrow, got shedloads of work to do this week before my week off

Forgotten my earphones haven’t I, fuck everything.

In the work canteen, I can smell bacon and sausages but still managed to order this.

Willpower 1; Happiness 0


is it by london fields

Thought that was a big plate of mushrooms at first.

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