Charlie Chaplin died in 1977

I reckon most people would say mid-50s to early-60s.

if only someone had told him not to be on the Death Star on that fateful day


Couldn’t get him off it though, could you? Loved a ride on the old Death Star, did Chappers.


On Christmas Day too IIRC.

I knew it was later cos I saw a clip of him looking really old at an oscars ceremony in the early 70s I think

Wonder what Christmas is like on the death star

Here it is

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Imperial March with added sleigh bells intensifies


He doesn’t look that old actually

There were so many Charlie Chaplin impersonators that when the first one died they were able to replace it like a kid’s goldfish. They finally fessed up when the fourth one died in 1977 and they were caught flushing it down the toilet.

That’s really lovely

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Really weird that that’s Charlie Chaplin

That would’ve been a good innings