Charlie Hunnam


Or are we dancer?

Worst (innocuous) thread ever?

Still genuinely unsure how this ever got made.


Knew I’d seen him before! Had thought it was Tom Hardy in the new King Arthur film until I saw this lad’s name on a bus


I just wiki’d him to see where he’s actually from. Was certain it had to be Australia given his mangling of Lahndahn in the video above. Staggered to see he’s British.


I’d imagine it’s the classic stage school trying to do workin’ fackin’ class landahhn thing


After doing extensive method research in Adelaide.


It’s always much, much worse than i remember.


Had a dodgy accent from day one, he sounded ridiculous on Undeclared and he was supposed to be a British student!


Have you seen the King Arthur trailer?

It looks shockingly bad.


Wow, that’s quite remarkable, how can you sound like you’re not from your own country if that’s the only place you’ve lived?


yes, I thought it was Tom Hardy until I saw an ad on a bus which had Charlie Hunnam (or are we dancer?)'s name on.

It looks very bad


saw an ad for that on the side of a bus this morning, I assume it’s cashing on English brexit vibes


Pulling the sword of sovereignty out from the stone of unelected eurocrats


Terrible terrible actor. Still like calling him Nathan despite Queer as Folk being about 20 years ago.


If that was his ass in QAF then probably one of my first WBs.




he was newcastle’s finest purveyor of gangsters and scrap metal


Have you heard him speak normally? He’s got a pretty strong geordie accent.


I have not. I had never even seen his name until this morning


Have you heard of Stacy Solomon?