Charlottefield - How Long Are You Staying LP

Hi gang,

Long shot but does anyone have this on record and would they be willing to sell it…?!

I do have this, but not selling unfortunately (I love the cover!) but to give you another long shot have you tried emailing the chaps at unlabel (who released it) to see if they have one kicking about. Slim chance I know but they’re top people

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Thanks man, someone else has kindly suggested the very same thing :+1:

The mission continues!

I’m pretty sure I have a copy of this in my parent’s house. I can have a look for you when I next visit London if you’re still looking for it?

(it’s the one with a screenprinted sleeve of a mean-looking cat wearing a hoodie, right?)

Yes! That’s the one! If you do find it and are happy to part with it please could you PM me?

Actually this is the cover I think…

My one looks like this!:

Will send you a PM

Ah ok cool, thank you!

yep, mines like that too, the vinyls different from the cd

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