Charly Bliss

New album is out today.

It’s really good! Hook-filled rock and roll with hints of 90’s alt-rock titans Belly.

Anyone else a fan?

Was out on Friday! Theres Some Chat about it in the New Releases thread

Should add I previously did not like this band and this album has made me like this band

Apologies din’t see this and thought it was out today.

I’ve been listening all morning and I far prefer it to their debut. It’s a total leap in their songwriting.

It really is. Title track is basically just a mash up of All My Friends and Clearest Blue but that’s not a bad thing at all

Been listening to it since it came out on Friday and listening as I type this.

It’s better than their last album Guppy. That was a forgettable album for me.

I saw that Pitchfork gave the new album an 8.0. It’s a good album. No nonsense rock pop. I wondering whether to get a ticket for their Garage gig today on the back of several listens. I’ll pass on the gig tonight but will see them at Rough Trade East tomorrow.

If you like Charly Bliss check out an all female band called Body Type. Their new EP released a few weeks ago is great. They play The Moth Club on Wednesday.

Gutted I had to miss them the other night in Leeds. They are one of those bands that are better at being Weezer than Weezer are.

Only two listens so far. I like it, but its various differences / “progressions” from the debut are precisely the kind of differences / “progressions” that don’t fire me with enthusiasm. It’s still very enjoyable, but — on first and second impressions at least — I can’t get on board the idea that it’s better than the debut.

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Think it’ll grow on me a lot but in the same boat right now.

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I enjoyed the 1st album, had some killer tracks, fun energy and monster choruses. Couple of Weezer rip-off moments which could have been avoided but definitely a solid debut. Think she’s an excellent lyricist and frontperson and like the 2 songs I’ve heard off the new one so looking forward to giving it a proper listen. Echo what others have said re hoping the new polished synthiness doesn’t suck the fun out the band as that’s one of their main strengths imo.

I love them

off to the Garage to see them tonight aren’t I


…and yep one of the best gigs I’ve had the pleasure of attending. amazing.


How long was their set?

pretty much full 90 minutes

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The new album is good but I decided not to go to their Garage gig and stick just to the Rough Trade East gig. Big mistake. They’re excellent live. That was a brilliant and energetic set. The band seemed to be having great fun as did the crowd. I should have definitely gone to The Garage gig too.

New track coming today!


Ended up growing on me a whole heap.

Same! It’s great.

Hopefully a new one soon.

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Was just listening to Young Enough earlier today

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New single

Sounds very much like a further move in the direction they took from the first to second albums. I ended up loving the second album despite not initially being into it, so I’ll keep an open mind with this…