Charoltte Bronte, Barry Fry, Roberto Bolano, Kevin Gallen, Helen Mirren, Charles Dickens

What do they have in common?

Both their first and last names end in the same letter.

Your boys took one hell of a beating!


Same with Princess, Diana Queen of Our Hearts

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Mark Kozelek

Bam Nam

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Blinda data

Anne Bronte too. Emily must have been really pissed off.

Especially as they could have easily gone with the Emilie spelling.


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Eddie The Eagle

All really into poppers

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Lorra lorra :crown:

I wonder if anyone has ever had the same letter at the front of both their names… and at the end!!! (like Eddie Eagle)

Anna Kendrick

It would have to be Knnk Kendrick or Anna Aendrica

Oh yeah, sorry.

David Dodd

Anna Aendrica might be the protagonist of my latest hit novel.

David Doff?

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:sunglasses: :sweat_drops:

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