Chas Hodges RIP


Shame. Saw them a few years ago at The 100 Club. Great gig.

Remember them well from the 80s when they were on TV a lot of the time.




I’ll wear my Chas and Dave t-shirts over the weekend.


It was International Rabbit Day yesterday!


Grew up on Chas and Dave as they were the only records that my parents weren’t worried about me and my siblings damaging (we did end up damaging them). Bought my brother this for his birthday a few years back-


Ah man, that’s sad. Chas n Dave were everywhere on children’s TV when I was growing up.

Found out years later he was one of the most in-demand session musicians around before he found fame with Dave.


Chas played on this. Listen from 2 mins 36…



Best thing they ever did.


Great song.

As a Spurs fan who penned many an FA Cup final song for us, he, and Dave, have got a lot of respect at the Lane.