At the moment I am chasing:
The people who are removing my ceiling tomorrow
A guy who I want a quote from to replace my ceiling
Some cat people

All of them need constant harrying and chasing and some act put out when you contact them after the time they had agreed to get back to you.

Quite frankly it is getting on my penis!



some threads

Trying to adopt some kittens, not like furries (was that what they were called)? Took ages to get a home visit, got one and now haven’t heard. If we have failed tell us and why (I don’t think we have failed). Give me your pissing kittens!

Nothing at the moment really. Tend to stick to the rivers and the lakes that I’m used to


he wants to go and watch a film about the holocaust

hmmm. We’re maybe looking to get a kitten soon too. This sounds discouraging. Was it from a cat protection league/similar?

Also: is it cruel to keep ‘house cats’ (ie don’t let 'em out?) I think it is, but my wife seems to think it’s crueller to let them roam free near the main road…

Any pavements? Or have you given up?




Yeah, Cat Protection. You won’t stand a chance with RSPCA as J is too young for kittens in their eyes and they also want someone home every single day (we have someone home 4 days out of 7). Stand a better chance with Cat’s Pros and I think we will succeed.

I don’t think they will let you have a house kitten (well they do stay inside when they are kittens but not to grow into on) but they may have older ones that can’t go out anyway.

I’ve got a mother flippin’ catflap already, Hook me up CattyP.

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the dragon. Oooh edgy.

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Actually that is wrong, he’s not too young for kittens with the RSPCA, you just need to be home every day.

Bin off both of ^these
??? ???


no u

you could get the Kasabian lads into remove your ceiling, very competitive rates. Unfortunately the roof of your house will be going with it also.


Ceiling removal first back. Said they would ring me te day before with an exact time so I could organise my calls etc They are now saying between 9-12 with a call half hour before. BRILLIANT!

Next one done. Been accepted for kittens and on the waiting list.

Fucking get in!




Vaguely related to this thread, but do I need to include an invoice number on an invoice I’m sending out to some people I did a bit of work for? Or would that be only necessary if I was a company who was keeping files on this sort of thing?