Chat shit, get drunk

Feel like we all need a safe space to chat shit and get drunk or get drunk and chat shit. I won’t SSP this cos it’s genuinely like imo unnecessary and open to nonsense like eg: didn’t you love it when Neil Buchanan did those big arts eg: omg was out earlier and I thought this guy was being a weirdo for having a can in my bag and it turned out he was the guy who was beind the bar the whole time.

Barleysugar is banned lmao

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I’ve lost the momentum

Too sober sorry

But here’s a photo of the going away present my D&D group got me. It’s my most recent campaign character.


Some times when I get drunk I love singing out the songs in my head and looking to the correct way as if I was in a music video

Sometimes I like pretending to do the same as a music video eg sia and forward roll on the sofa as if I’m some incredible balenrina and then end like I’ve got a ten out of ten when actually I’ve just rolled sideways on the floor


Sometimes I like telling people my dad was the drummer for Chas and Dave

What a delight you’ve all for in store to wake up to

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Sorry Theo

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That’s the look of a man who’s just seen someone fall off a ladder

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:eyes: a sober duck spotted at the window looking in

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