Cheap sausages are better than premium ones



It’s the pig anus that makes all the difference



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A lot of premium ones are not fatty enough

Do like a porky whites one

The best sausages are the sausages in tins of beans with sausages in



Cheapo sausages are good for a fry up or on the BBQ.

You want a decent sausage for yer sausage and mash/toad in the hole type stuff though imo

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Don’t really like sausages outside of cheap ones, Richmond, basic Irish sausages, cocktail sausages, sausages in tins of spaghetti made by Heinz

Richmond are the best

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Generally go for the second cheapest / midrange supermarket sausages for most uses. Still plenty of snout in em but without that bland breadiness that really cheap sausages have

Richmond vegetarian sausages are genuinely not bad


Reckon I’d struggle to spot the difference between them and Richmond meat ones

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Tesco finest bangers changed their recipe a whole ago and now they’re so salty it’s like porky anus seawater

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sometimes yes, sometimes no.

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There’s a balance to be struck imo.

Imagine me wheeling out my joke about how Richmond sausages have never had any meat in them anyway now

Fucking hell this is the most wrong food opinion I’ve seen here in ages AND NO ONE IS ANGRY ABOUT IT!?


Cheap bacon is absolutely fine, interestingly.

Cheap bacon > cheap burgers > cheap sausages

70% pork is what you’re looking for, which is what your standard supermarket snag hits. Below that, in the budget ranges, you’re just buying bread. But agree that too premium a sausage isn’t necessarily an improvement.

Cocktail sausages though, go nuts, basically just rusk in pork casing but that’s fine by me.

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