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Happy Monday everyone…!

I was wondering if someone could give me some help. So, last year, i bought my domain for my music buisness on GoDaddy and built a website and spent ages uploading and writing content. Well GoDaddy started taking more than $12.99 (pounds not dollars I don’t have pound sign on my mac) per month from my account and then took payments out without me authorising for things like marketing etc which I didn’t sign up for. Anyway, I had an argument with a guy from GoDaddy and he refunded me some money taken but deleted my whole website so everything I bloody wrote went.

Oh God i’m boring myself by this stage. ANYWAY, I was wondering if someone could point me in the direction of a company that doesn’t charge an awful lot of money a month. i just want something simple and I don’t mind building myself but due to Covid all my self-employed work is currently cancelled so

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Sorry I couldn’t finish then. My cat has become beyond clingy.

Anyway, can anyone recommend a good website builder where it won’t cost an awful lot. I have a domain!

squarespace :slight_smile:


thanks Nav!!!

I spent a long time researching website/domain providers and went with Squarespace because their fees are very transparent, unlike GoDaddy who have lots of add ons that cost extra. I also like how customisable squarespace is.

Thanks…that’s what I didn’t like about GoDaddy, they just took money out without my permission and it unnerved me. I asked if I could take the website offline during Covid because I lost work and needed to keep costs down and the guy said because they’re American they couldn’t do that, he was just rude and put me off.

That’s really shit. I guess they don’t care about good customer service. I’m beginning to sound like an ad now but squarespace lets you publish and unpublish your site as you like. I took months writing content for mine before I published it. They also have advisers who are really helpful with design and functionality questions. I think Wix is meant to be pretty good too.

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Ah that’s good to know about having the control to take it offline etc. I’m on there now, looks very good. Thanks again to you both!

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Squarespace are great. I’ve always historically used Siteground (pricey, but 15+ years customer) for big projects / work. Ionos are alright for cheap small things, but good luck with any customer service

Thanks! I did look at Wix and Ionos too but think i’ll stick with squarespace for now!

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