Cheaper things that are better than their expensive counterparts amnesty



Changing the world one consumer product at a time.

I’ll start with: Rustlers quarter pounder > any Burger King burger


Herbal essences shampoo conditioner > any mid-range “salon” brand (Tresemme, Aussie, etc)


Cheap custard creams > posh custard creams


Sainsbo’s value medium cheddar > Cathedral City or any of that bollocks


Re-issue Russian Big Muff (£15 off eBay) > fancy-pants boutique dual fuzz pedal (£270 from the importer in Stevenage)


Dick & Dom > Ant & Dec


Probably about the same price (especially if Catherdral’s got a deal on)?


o rly


Not talking price per pack here, talking price per gram.


Well I say £15, that’s what I bought it for about ten years ago. They’re £190 second hand now because they’re “vintage”.

I’m old.


Asian supermarket instant noodles > super noodles


is no one going to take issue with the rustlers thing guys come on


Kind of a mute point really as Cathedral is dogshit.


I’m quite partial to a Rustlers, but BK consistently gives me the bum wee.


Just had one and it was probably the best thing I’ve eaten in 3 days




burger + cheese in the microwave, bun in the toaster

you’re welcome


ffs eat better man


Basic veg peeler

better than any fancy ones with moving / swiveling parts


If you’re not using a Y-peeler, you’re a fool, a damned fool.


must… resist…