Check this list - Radio X ‘Best of British’

Yes in hindsight I think this was a result of me being in an exceptionally bad mood about this debate happening again. Whilst I still maintain that Fatty’s view on the matter are staggeringly regressive, it’s clearly not ban-worthy and Bob has messaged me to explain why he stopped communicating in the other thread so I apologise for including him in it.

@moderators if you could nuke the post that this is a reply to I’d be grateful, as it doesn’t help the debate at all


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Thank you.

My highest respect to the other users who are continuing to engage constructively with what is, at the end of the day, probably a pretty offensive troll job, but I’m tag-teaming out. Can’t waste my holiday time on this


Not sure anyone’s trolling but definitely no one is about to have a Dasmascene Conversion or what so not worth it.

That said, @anon19005845 could do with working out the Thought Police police thoughts not expressed rather than debate ones publicly posted on message boards :wink:

You know perfectly well why I bowed out of that debate. It was made clear to me that a number of people would prefer that I stop posting in it, so that’s exactly what I did.

(I’m not sure that we shouldn’t just let this die)…

A few people have brought up DiS unfavourably and suggested our own lists would look similar…last year’s album poll was pretty damn white (other than DAMN) but by my count had six female artists in the top 21, and at least another two acts with female members (Slowdive and Big Thief), so it’s a far more diverse list. 2016 was very male (maybe 2 female artists) but had more PoC (at least 5).

I guess it depends on your conditioning, and how you perceive diversity.

If you’ve been conditioned to think “diversity = good” and therefore “lack of diversity = bad” then it’s easy to find polls like this problematic.

Whereas if you come at it with a more open-ended approach of “diversity = diverse” it’s much easier to engage with said poll and enjoy it as a celebration of British culture.

I appreciate that the adoption of the idea that British culture doesn’t exist is quite popular at the minute, but let’s take stock of the fact that this poll celebrates:

  1. A bisexual alien
  2. A Scottosh math-rock trio
  3. A homosexual frontman who was accepted and revered as a performer by a cast of thousands, despite the stigma of GRID
  4. the biggest cultural movement of the 60’s
  5. The biggest cultural movement of the 90’s

Stop pretending it’s bad. It’s OK to be white.

If you’ve been conditioned to think “diversity = good” and therefore “lack of diversity = bad” then it’s easy to find polls like this problematic.

Whereas if you come at it with a more open-ended approach of “diversity = diverse”

Ah, the unconditioned purity of logical thought.


I’m actually embarrassed that I was (sort of) defending you earlier in this thread.

Your equating of ‘British culture’ with a mono-culture of white males is genuinely offensive and completely undermines everything else you’ve said. I suspect you know full well how offensive it is and are, as other said earlier, just a nasty little racist troll.


aside from the more pressing replies above, i feel duty bound to point out that a) Biffy Clyro aren’t what math-rock is, especially not the arena pish they’re in this list for, and b) something Scottish in a list of British things is not a sign of diversity.




If someone ate nothing but pizza I’d appreciate they were probably enjoying some tasty meals but I’d also think they were fucking weird.


There were no men in the DiS top 10 records of 2017. There were some great records though!

The beauty of freedom of expression and freedom of the press is that we can choose to enjoy opinions from all gamuts of the spectrum. I wholly appreciate the opinions of the listeners of Radio X in choosing their “Best of British” in the same way I wholly appreciate the decision of a select few to choose Drowned in Sound’s top records of 2017.

Not as weird as if they only listened to Radio X approved tunes, mind. I mean there’s a LOT of pizza varieties.

what? joy division at 51? come on now.

If you were to sum up the musical preferences of Radio X listeners with a pizza topping, what would it be?

Personally I’d say Calzone - incredibly insular, but containing a variety of ingredients within.

If Radio X is that bad, I’d say simply don’t listen to it.

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I tried that with Trump. Turns out he’s still poisoning the minds of millions of human beings (and killing others).


What’s your opinion on Obama’s foreign policy?