Check this list - Radio X ‘Best of British’

Not in there pal


No alarms either.

Dunno, did they? It says they play ‘fresh rock and guitar music’ on the website, so I guess women can do that as well can’t they?

Sally Cinnamon too. v. progressive.

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they did aye


its a bit weird cause I listen to the John Robins/Elis James podcast every week and they are genuinely forward thinking and funny - musicwife they often plug stuff like Cate le Bonn, Neko Case but the music they have to play on the show is so ordinary (they seem to recognise that and make a few slight comments sometimes too)

Fair enough. Swimming against the tide I guess. Still a ropey list though.

oh yeah the list is awful, didnt mean that to defend radio x - just more trying to plug the podcast i guess ha

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  • Oasis
  • or BLORR

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In the station’s own words, it will be “the first truly male-focused, fully national music and entertainment brand for 25-44 year olds”.

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Still though, men can I expect listen to stuff other than white indie/trad rock can’t they?
I’m surprised Bowie got in there actually, what with him dressing like a bird and that…






I have 82 of those 100 songs.

Catfish and the Bottlemen (two songs) are definitely better than all the women and all the people of colour in the world (no songs).


Was wondering how you got sucked in by this full troll of a, radio station. :grinning:

Nothing they do should be given any credence. Pure scum.

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It’s the playlist for when Brexit happens.

A serious question, since i don’t live in the UK: is this radio station significantly better or worse than other radio stations you have access to?

We are lucky to have one national, ad-free, perfectly decent ‘alternative’ radio station in BBC Radio 6Music. It’s not prefect, but it’s not embarrassing.

The other ‘mainstream’ ‘rock’ channel is Absolute which seems to play a much better selection of stuff - even if it is the channel your da would have on in the car.